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Fresh Produce at Ram's Supermarkets


Supporting and empowering local farmers is a source of pride for us at Ram's as we stock our shelves weekly with the freshest in fruits and vegetables. Supplemented by a regional and international supply, you can always count on 'The Good Food People' for the freshest in produce, and at the most affordable prices too!

Visit us on social media every Wednesday, the day we receive most of our produce from our vendors, to see what we've put out, and get some interesting facts about the vegetables and fruits you are buying, along with great ways to make the best of them!


Deeply rooted in our business ideal is the concept that as we grow and evolve we will help our people and community to evolve with us. We maintain this vision and value the importance of supporting  local businesses, farmers and fishermen and their role in supplying “The Good Food People”!

Through the years we have managed to help grow and sustain such a vital industry like farming, that has been the source of income and support for so many families in our country.  Through our relationship with these famers we have gained lifelong friendships and consider our farmers a part of our extended Ram’s family. 


One of our long standing and dearest farmer friends is none other than the charismatic Keithly Armstrong, or just “Armstrong” as most know him.


Armstrong has been a farmer for what seems to be his “entire life” as he explains it, planting a variety of fruits and vegetables on his 2 acre farm, located in Bayfords Mountain, St. Peters.  


He has been supplying Ram’s Supermarkets for over 25 years now, and if you let him tell the story he would say “it was a match made in heaven”!

When asked to comment on his long-standing relationship with servicing Ram’s Supermarkets with his local crops he expressed that “Ram’s has provided me with a home to sell my products for all these years, and a means to support my family. If I had to do it all over again I would start with Rams.”  


Meet the Patrick's - a lovely farming couple who have been in the farming industry for the past 25 years. 

As a part of the farming community, Mervin and Loretta became a weekly supplier of greens to our Supermarkets for the past 8 years. Their products are supplied to all our locations with most of their stock heading to Buckley's and Bird Rock.

Their farm is located in Mansion & Tabernacle and they have provided additional produce from time to time such as spinach, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, onions, carrots, yams, dried gooseberry and more.

As producers, Mervin & Loretta believe that customer focus is key and that is why they strive to deliver the best products.


"From our experience, we find Ram's to be very supportive of the local farmers, so we say thanks to Ram's! We cannot do it without you!"
- Mervin & Loretta


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